3D Printing technology

Printing technology

Printing is a process of reproducing text, image, usually with ink on paper using a printing press.

Printing technology has kept on developing; there are many different types of printing methods evolved, such as Offset litho printing, Digital printing, Screen printing, 3D printing and many more.

3D Printing
3D Printing

What is 3D printing technology?

3D printing technology was invented with the help of stereolithography technique, by Charles W. Hull in the mid-1980s.

3D printing is also known as additive manufacturing. 3D printing is a process in which the physical objects are created by depositing materials in layers based on the digital model. 3D printing is done with the help of software, hardware, materials, etc.

How does 3D printing work?

3D printing is done using a CAD (computer-aided design) which creates three-dimensional objects by a layering method. Sometimes, 3D printing also involves layering materials like plastics, composites, bio-materials to developers of various range in size, shape, colour, and rigidity.

Advantages of 3D printing technology:

There are many advantages of 3D printing technology which are:


Earlier whenever a company or a person wanted to create a prototype, it used to take weeks to do that, even if any changes were to be made in that prototype it used to take again the same number of weeks taken for creating it. 3D printing technology has made that process easy, prototypes and models are completed just within a few hours, depending on the size required and making changes in those prototypes also has got simple and fast.

Even an average person can use 3D printing technology without seeking help from anyone.


Earlier methods like CNC machining and Injection moulding were used to create models and prototypes. But these methods were proved costly, as they used a lot of machines, a lot of labour help, many people were not able to afford the same. 3D printing technology has solved these problems as it uses only 1 or 2 machines; there are almost no labourers required; a person can himself/herself do 3D printing.

Business benefits:

3D printing technology is proved beneficial to businesses, as product creation becomes fast and straightforward. Customers could be shown prototypes and models instead of paper prints, by which the customers can have complete knowledge about the products, won’t get any false information, and can easily decide on the product.


The prototypes and model making machines which were used earlier were not able to do their work correctly; there always used to be some minor mistakes in the prototypes/models. This problem got solved with the help of 3D printing technology, as 3D printing technology creates prototypes and models with perfection and also improves the quality of the same.


Models, prototypes and other 3D prints are required in different sizes; earlier, it was tough to produce them in various sizes. Because for every size, shape, colour, there was a different differentiated. This problem was easily solved with the help of 3D printing technology as in one 3D printer, models and prototypes of different shapes, sizes and colours were quickly created.


The printing machines available earlier were costly, complicated to use, extensive due to which they were not accessible for everyone; people were not able to use those machines. When it comes to 3D printing technology, 3D printers are cost-effective, easy to use, require less space to get stored, require less maintenance cost due to which more people were able to use it and were easily accessible to everyone.

3D printing technology
3D printing house

Environment friendly:

As traditional printing machines used to require a lot of machine parts, equipment and many more. Due to which there was more equipment getting transferred from one place to another all around the world, and there were more shipping costs generated, and also more harm was done to the environment. Other than this, there was a tremendous amount of waste released by the traditional machines, which also caused damage to the ground. This issue was solved with the help of 3D printing technology as 3D printers require less equipment to be shipped and also releases a lesser amount of waste.

Print whenever required:

Traditional printing machines used to take a lot of time to print, to create prototypes, models and other things required. Due to which people used to stock the print outs, they used to create models and prototypes more than needed. The same thing is not required in 3D printing technology, as 3D printers take less time to print, make it easy to print, people can easily print or create models, prototypes whenever required.

Lightweight parts:

Most of the parts of 3D printers are made with plastic, are small in size and are also really strong. Due to which it becomes straightforward for people to use 3D printing technology.

Creative designs:

Traditional printing machines were only able to create the same type of models without making any changes to them. When it comes to 3D printing technology, 3D printers were able to develop customised products/models, create products/models using creative designs and many more.

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Earlier when companies used to make 3D printings from machines outside their premises, their designs and products used to get robbed or copied. Sometimes, the confidentiality of their products used to get disturbed. 3D printing technology solves this problem as the companies were able to produce products in their premises there were fewer chances of products getting robbed, designs getting copied, and confidentiality of the products was maintained.


Traditional printing machines were not able to give a consistent production, as they were not able to produce products of different sizes; they had many parts that used to be defective and required replacement. 3D printing technology solved this problem as a 3D printer was able to produce products of different shapes, sizes, colour, with a lesser number of equipment being defective and a lesser number of equipment required.

Therefore, it is detailed information about 3D printing technology.

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