Aircraft GPS tracking | How does it work?

GPS tracking

Everyone knows about the GPS tracking unit; GPS stands for “Global Positioning System” and is also known as the monitoring team. GPS tracking unit is a navigation device that can be kept in vehicles, animals, and even in human beings, and with the help of the tool, positions, and locations of the things in which it is held can be checked.

Aircraft GPS tracking sounds a bit similar to the GPS tracking but is not as same as the GPS tracking system.

Aircraft GPS tracking

Before going into details, it is essential to know what GPS tracking is, the same is mentioned below:

What is Aircraft GPS tracking?

Aircraft GPS tracking means tracking an aircraft with a GPS tracking device attached to it. Aircraft GPS tracking is done with the help of communicating with a GPS satellite and detailed real-time data on flight variables which can be passed to a server present on the ground.

After knowing the meaning of Aircraft GPS tracking the next, which comes in mind or the next thing which should be known is the working of the aircraft GPS tracking, the same is explained below:

How does Aircraft GPS tracking work?

Aircraft GPS tracking work with the help of GPS satellites, GPS satellites carry atomic clocks with them which provide them the accurate time, the same time is placed in the code broadcast by the satellites so that the receiver can know the precise time. In the same way, different satellites are also used for latitude, longitude, altitude as well.

After knowing the meaning of aircraft GPS tracking and the working of GPS tracking the next question which can come to a person’s mind or the next thing which a person should know is why should the aircraft GPS tracker used and what are the benefits of using the aircraft GPS the same are mentioned below:

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Advantages of Aircraft GPS tracking

Accurate flight time:

Earlier it was seen that usually flights used to get late, than their usual arrival and departure time. This problem is solved with the help of GPS tracking, with the use of aircraft GPS tracking the time which the flight will take to reach from one place to another can be calculated very quickly and accurately. This will help the pilot to decide the arrival and the departure time of the flight accordingly.

To follow a specific path:

Earlier pilots used to face problems in following a particular path according to the instructions provided, aircraft GPS tracking has made this work easier, and it is used by pilots to track a specific way especially at flight schools because at flight schools pilots have to follow an exact path informed by their instructors.

Seamless navigation:

Seamless means the ability to do a particular work very quickly and smoothly, without facing any kind of difficulties. Seamless navigation in aircraft GPS tracking can be said as an easy way of transition, from one navigation mode to another.

Improves flight safety:

Aircraft with a GPS tracking system can know the positions of all other aircraft and due to which they can seek help from other aircraft whenever needed, and the chances of accidents between them will also get reduced. People will feel safe while they are on a flight.

Awareness about ground and cockpit situations

Earlier pilots weren’t aware of the ground and the cockpit situations but with the help of aircraft GPS tracking the pilots of the aircraft always know about the position of their plane, at the time of emergency landing they will always be aware of the ground and cockpit situations around them.

No unnecessary ground-based systems

Earlier when there were no aircraft GPS tracking systems were present in the aircraft the chances of accidents and emergencies were more and due to there was a ground-based system required everywhere to help the plane while accidental cases, but with the help of aircraft GPS tracking the risk of accidents has been reduced and due to the requirements of the ground-based systems have also reduced.

Reduction in fuel consumption:

As aircraft GPS tracking helps the pilot to know the place exactly where they are, they will be easily able to find the shortest distance to reach their destination.

Shorten flight timings:

With the help of aircraft GPS tracker, pilots are easily able to know about their position and their destination and due which they can find the shortest way to reach their goal and by which the flight timings will get shortened.

Increased system capacity:

As Aircraft GPS tracker, helps to know about the exact location of the aircraft at every time, the pilot of the plane can be quickly informed about the dangers that can appear in flight and can also send help to the pilot and other people in the helicopter whenever needed. This was not possible by the system before the invention of the aircraft GPS tracker that’s why it is said that aircraft GPS tracking has increased the system capacity.

Reduced costs and increased benefits to every state:

Few companies which make aircraft GPS trackers are:

AG-NAV (6), AVMAP S.r.l.U (2), Bad Elf (2), Cloud Cap Technology (1), DUAL (5), Free Flight Systems (1), Garmin International Inc., Genesys Aerosystems (1) etc.

Therefore, this was detailed information about aircraft GPS trackings like what is GPS tracking, what is aircraft tracking, how does its works, what are the advantages of aircraft GPS, and the names of companies making aircraft trackers.

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