coronavirus COVID-19.
coronavirus COVID-19.


  • The risk of Coronavirus in the country is constantly increasing. The central and state government are taking a precautionary step. The government asked people to stay at home and work from home. In this situation, there is a huge increase in passengers at major railway stations. At the same time, a decision has been taken to close markets and offices in the country.
  • 271 people have been infected with this virus and the number of corona infected patients has been an increase. On Friday there were 63 new cases of corona .so for four people have died in India from the corona.23 people have completely recovered from this.
  • The Delhi Government has ordered the closure of all malls and restaurants in Delhi by 31 march. Grocery, Pharmacy, and vegetable shops are exempted from this.UP Government also takes a forward step in this virus to prevent in society. coronavirus disease corona effect in India.
  • There is a lot of crowds at the major Railway station in the country. there is a huge rush of the passengers at the Lokmanya Tilak in Mumbai. There is a huge rush in the train due to the cancellation of many trains. People having trouble who their home from outside due to the cancellation of trains.
  • The World Helth Organization (WHO) said in its tweet that solidarity is necessary to defeat the coronavirus COVID-19. This solidarity should not only be between countries but also between the age group.
  • Infection cases were 80,967 and 3,248 deaths in China, 41,035 infected and 3,405 deaths in Italy, 18,304 infected and 1,284 deaths in Iran, 19,077 infected and 831 deaths in Spain, 15,320 infected and 44 deaths in Germany and 10,995 infected and 372 deaths in France.
  • The confederation of all India traders(CAT) has decided in meeting with the merchant organization of Delhi that all markets of Delhi will be closed for three days from Saturday.
  • After PM Modi’s appeal of “JANTA CURFEW,” for a day, the Indian Railways has taken a big decision has decided not to start any passenger train from any station in the country.
  • In India Coronavirus spreading very fast, people will have aware of coronavirus and stop traveling if possible because it has become a very fast-growing disease.
 Coronavirus coronavirus disease corona effect
FOR MORE UPDATE VISIT:-  Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Novel Corona Virus
  • Today 234,073 confirmed cases and 9,840 deaths in coronavirus worldwide.
  • In U.S Coronavirus cases are increasing cautiously in America. The number of people who died from this deadly disease crossed 200 and total infected people crossed 14000. Health care officials and leaders have stepped up efforts to control this rapidly spreading infectious disease.
  • New cases of COVID 19 the number of infected cases in the US till Thursday night was 14,299 and 218 people died. America has become the sixth most infected country with coronavirus. coronavirus disease corona effect in India.


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