Electronic vehicles

In this article, we will know about electronic vehicles, for some peoples “electronic vehicles” is just a word because they know that electronic vehicles are better for our future generation but they don’t know how? This article will explain to you every necessary topic about electronic vehicles.

“Electronic” means any machine or device that is made to make humans life more comfortable and easier. People use lots of devices in their day-to-day life e.g., washing machine, mixture, refrigerator, etc, and you know that all of these electronic machines enable to do work with the help of electricity, every electronic vehicle runnable with the help of electric power.

Electronic vehicles

What are electronic vehicles? 

Electronic vehicles are generally runnable by the electric motors, any kind of electric vehicle is not runnable by any combustion engine, but the non-electronic vehicles are runnable by the combustion engines, that vehicles are runnable by the combustion engines that all are work by the fuel and lots of mixture of different gasses, and it is unhealthy for our environment. The cars or vehicles which are runnable on basics of fuel and gasses, that are not good for our environmental status, that is why the electronic vehicles are the best replacement of the fuel vehicles which are used in the current situation.

The electronic vehicle is a revolution because humans are successful in making a vehicle that can work without affecting our environment and easy to use. The engine is used in the electronic vehicle, will give you long-lasting service because the engine system does not use fuel or gasses for processing the electronic vehicle.

In electronic vehicles or cars, you will get an auxiliary battery that provides electrical power to the electronic vehicles and, it charges the auxiliary battery, the electronic vehicle contains the charging port, which is necessary for establishing a connection with electric power.

The principles of electric vehicles

There are four types of electric vehicles are here:

  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV)
  • Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV)
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV)

Principle of BEV

In BEV vehicles, the electric power is fastly changeable from DC battery to AC. The accelerator pedal, which is used in electric vehicles, sends any type of signal to the vehicle controller, which enables to perfectly adjust the speed of the vehicle, and while doing this work, it will be changing the power supply AC into the inverter of the vehicle motor.

Principle of HEV

HEV-type vehicles contain a fuel tank that helps to supply gas to the vehicle’s engine. Its engine work is like a regular car. The HEV electric vehicles also have batteries which help to run the can on the electricity power. In the HEV, you can enable to transmit both engine and the electric motors at the same time. The HEV provides you both (electric and engine-based) functionality to run a car.

Principle of PHEV 

The PHEV type car or vehicles are based, on a fully electric system, but you can find that it has an engine that is runnable without electric power.

The working of batteries is stopped because of any reason, then you can start the can with the help of an engine.

If you don’t have any source to charge the car batteries, then the PHEV vehicle you can also charge with the help of its internal engine because in PHEV the engine, works as a generator, and it can charge the batteries successfully.

Working process

The electric vehicle has electric motors that are fully processed or work on electric technology, you can see that any electric vehicle, does not work on the bases of a combustion engine, which is harmful to the environment and because of electric vehicle works on electric power, we need to charge it time to time for frequent processing.

Electric vehicle basically, functions with the help of plug into the charging point, which helps the car to process and work with the help of electricity, for working it is necessary to charge the car first because of the charging process, the electric motors got electric power.

The electric vehicle contains a Power electronics controller. This controller is a necessary part of the electric vehicle because this unit is helpful to control and manage the electrical power to the vehicle, more or less electricity power will affect the vehicle that is why the Power electronics controller system is a necessary part of an electric vehicle.


The cost of electricity is lesser than petrol and diesel. If you use combustion engine cars, then you need to pay more, and if you use an electric car, then you can save money on petrol and diesel. The electric vehicle helps to make an ecological balance, because of the electric vehicle people stop the use of petrol.

The electric vehicle is cheaper to maintain for any person since the cost of electricity is lower, and that is why the electric vehicles need less requirement to maintain, so it is easy to maintain.

Any electric vehicle will provide you fast and quick charging speed at your home which will help you so if use electric vehicle then it will also save your lots of time, now you don’t need to wait in a long line of petrol, and diesel. Whenever you want to charge your car, then you need to plug the carport into the charging port, and you need to wait for a while.

The electric vehicle is easy to derive and easy to maintain for any person because of the electric motor system, you feel silent motor system and comfortable driving experience. Lots of people feel uncomfortable when their car engine makes more noise but the electric motor system will make the car better, and you can do silent driving.

Overall, our future of driving now, moving towards the electric car and vehicle because it is safe, easy to maintain, comfortable driving, and better for our environment health status, which cars and vehicles are run by the combustion engine, affect our environment.

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