What is Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is the control of an entity on an atomic, molecular, or supermolecular scale. Nanotechnology deals with building and developing things on the scale of atoms and molecules. It involves understanding and controlling the matter at the nanoscale, where the dimensions range between 1 to 100 nanometers. It includes imaging, modeling, measuring, and manipulating the case at this micro length scale.


It is an emerging subject in the field of science and has its implication in different areas like food products and food industry, medicine, material science, engineering, etc.

Types of Nanotechnology

After having a look at the meaning of Nanotechnology, now let’s catch up with its various types.

There are four types of Nanotechnology which are classified according to their medium and how they proceed.

  1. Descending (top-down)

It is the most frequent technology to date wherein the mechanism and structure are miniaturised from 1-100 nanometers in size.

  1. Ascending (bottom-up)

It starts with a small structure and then deals with creating a more prominent mechanism with the help of the self-assembly process and mounting.

  1. Dry nanotechnology

This technology is used for manufacturing the structure that does not work in humidity.  These structures include coal, Silicon, semiconductor, metals, etc.

  1.  Wet nanotechnology

 It is based on biological systems present in the environment like a cellular membrane, genetic material, etc.

    So, these are the four different types of nanotechnology used in the present times.

Advantages and disadvantages of Nanotechnology

As we know that everything has its benefits and risks associated. So after discovering the meaning of Nanotechnology and its types, now let’s catch up at the advantages and disadvantages associated with it.

Advantages of Nanotechnology

The following are some of the advantages of Nanotechnology.

  1. Manufacturing related advantage

With the rapid development of Nanotechnology, lots and lots of advancement can be seen in the field of manufacturing. A wide variety of new materials are being discovered and manufactured, which can revolutionize the manufacturing sector.

Example:- Nanotubes are composed of durable material that is lightweight and has commending insulating properties.

  1. Medicine related advantages

It has a vast potential to bring lots and lots of transformation and advances in the field of medicine. It can be used for a variety of purposes like refine drug production, modifying drugs at a molecular level making it more effective, and reducing the side effects.

Also, nanobots have lots of benefits as these can be sent to the arteries of the patient to clean up the blockages making surgeries more fast and effective.

  1.  Electronics-related advantages

Nanotechnology has brought in a massive revolution in the field of Electronics and computing. It is a lot of advantages like it allows the circuits to be accurate up to the level of the atom.

Another example can be the quantum dots which are tiny light-producing cells that can be used for purposes of illumination and as display screens.

  1. Energy-related advantages

It is getting several days by day, and it has also created an impact in the Energy field. It can even transform how we use and obtain energy. With the help of Nanotechnology, solar energy can be used more efficiently, thus reducing the cost of constructing solar panels and installing them and using solar energy more effectively.

Disadvantages of Nanotechnology

  1. Expensive

Since the field of Nanotechnology is under development, it appears to be pretty expensive. The development of lots and lots of new technical equipment and technology requires a lot of capital, making the use of Nanotechnology expensive. As a result, everyone cannot afford it.

  1. Job Losses

Although initially, nanotechnology may be expensive with many developments and increased use. But, it can still find a safe spot in the market and will bring a change in the manufacturing sector. And as a result of this, a lot of people will lose their jobs as Technology will overpower human beings.

  1. Privacy and Security

With the help of Nanotechnology, a lot of military advances will be seen. It can be used for creating Noble weapons and the atomic bomb. This Is a benefit for the military but may harm the human race if it falls into the wrong hands.

So, these are a few advantages and disadvantages that are associated with nanotechnology, and hence we can see nanotechnology is the future of technology and will make rapid progress.

Applications of nanotechnology

 It has numerous applications that can be applied to various fields. Let’s have a look at some of the most common forms of Nanotechnology.

      1. In the field of energy

Ithas a user role to play in the area of solar energy as it helps lower the costs, improve fuel efficiency, and produces reliable and lighter wind turbines.

      2. In the field of medicine

 With the help of the nanobots artery, blockages can easily be cleaned. Hence, reducing the time and energy wastage in surgery and operations and will bring quick results.

 Also, with the help of specific Nanomaterials treatment of Neurodegenerative diseases and cancer can quickly be done.

       3. In the field of textile

 With the help of Nanotechnology, smart fabrics can work efficiently with developed, which are intense light and durable. Also,  this material does not stain or wrinkle and hence beneficial in making car seats or helmets.

        4.Nano paints

Adding up nanoparticles in paints improves the quality of color and hence leads to improved performance, thinner paint help in reducing the weight of the object, making it lighter.

Why it is essential to communicate on nanotechnology

It is extremely important because it has many different applications in the way we live and accomplish our lives.
There are various reasons why this field of study is crucial. One of the reasons is that it contributes significantly to the development of modern and advanced equipment that is used in the healthcare industry. It helps to disprove a few common myths that have arisen in recent days, such as ill-informed concepts like climate change is not real, and vaccines cause autism.

So, these are the few typical applications associated with nanotechnology that is used in the present date.


Nanotechnology has a very bright future and will have an essential part in every industry in the upcoming time. Nanotechnology will make our lives simple and better.

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