Wi-Fi vs Li-Fi(Wireless Fidelity and Light Fidelity)



1- Wireless networking technology transmitted data that used radio waves to provide a computer, smartphone, or another device to connect to the internet or communicate with another wirelessly within a particular area.

2- It allows these devices many more to exchange information with one another, creating a network.

3-Wi-Fi transmitted data using radio waves with the help of the wi-fi router.


1-LiFi is a wireless technology that utilizes light to transmit data between devices.

2 – lifi transmitted data using light with the help of a (light-emitting diodes) LED bulb for data transmission.similar to those currently in use in many energy-conscious homes and offices.


LiFi vs WiFi


Underwater communications: radio waves cannot be used underwater because these waves are strongly absorbed by seawater within feet of their transmission. this renders it unusable underwater but LIFI is suitable for underwater communication

Health sector: WIFI is not safe to be used in hospitals .another various health care sectors because it penetrates human body. LIFI can be implemented and well suit in this sector.

Internet: street lamps, the light of vehicles can be used. To access the internet anywhere in footpaths, roads, malls, anywhere where a light source is available.

Safety management: it can be used to update traffic information at almost every instant .it will be easy for traffic police to deal with traffic and catch the one who breaks the rule.

WIFI AND LIFI Wi-Fi vs Li-Fi(Wireless Fidelity and Light Fidelity)

Li-Fi is data communication through wireless communication using LED lights to transmit data. It is 80% more efficient, which is speed up to 1Gbps, and even beyond, it’s useable for a short distance(up to 10 meters).

There are four components are used.

  • Bulb
  • RF Power Amplifier Circuit (PA)
  • Printed Circuit Board(PCB)
  • Enclosure

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